To curate the experience for our users, we developed a value-personalization algorithm. This tool allows you to select your top 3 sustainability values from emissions to labour rights and we'll filter out the brands that align with you based on your choices. Think your own personal skilled shopping assistant!

The Arbor Marketplace is a curated collection of products, which allows you to shop directly through the platform. with thousands of products to discover & choose from, we're confident you'll find something you love. The Marketplace also offers the ability to filter your search based on materials, certifications, values and more! The Arbor Browser Extension is downloaded (bonus: it's 100% free!) and makes itself at home on your google chrome search. Select your top 3 sustainability values and then shop as you normally would, directly on your favourite sites and we'll show you how those brands align with your values and suggest better aligned alternatives!

Think of us as the middle-man. We bring together product ranges from a HUGE variety of brands all in one place (say goodbye to having 3+ tabs open at once) making it easier to search, compare and decide between similar products. Once you've made your final selection we redirect you to the brand's webpage to complete your order. You guessed it, that means all things shipping, returns and exchanges are on the side of the brand you're placing your order with. However, we're still here to help you in any way we can!

We know sustainability encompasses A LOT, so we knew our scores had to too. Our scores are always unbiased and based on data pulled from multiple sources including (but not limited to) data on ESG (environmental social governance), Certifications and UN sustainability goals. We make sure the data we do use to determine scores always covers all facets of sustainability (from production processes, to labour and human rights to the use of environmental resources - just to name a few). So you can rest easy knowing you're getting a fully-scoped score from Arbor.

Your alignment scores are based on how your top 3 values align with certain brands. For example: if your top 3 values include emissions, labour rights and environmental integrity you would have a high alignment score with a brand that puts these at the forefront of their business, but a low alignment score with a brand that doesn't make any stride in the areas of emissions and labour rights.

Who doesn't love something custom curated for them? That's exactly what signing in with Arbor will allow you to do. By signing in and selecting your top 3 Arbor values, helps us give you the best and most personalized experience possible. Shop brands and discover deals that best align with your values, hear about top news and read the blog posts that you'll actually want to read, custom-tailored to you.

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